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Stone wall cladding is a design technique that involves applying thin layers of natural or manufactured stone materials. With this, buildings achieve solid stone walls without the weight and cost associated with full-stone construction.

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Cladding greatly affects the visual appeal of your project. The right choice can enhance your building’s aesthetics and increase its resale value. With Sketch Australia’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can buy online with peace of mind.

Choosing the right cladding for your project is essential as it not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures long-lasting durability and functionality. The right cladding can transform your space while protecting it from wear and tear. At Sketch Australia, we offer a diverse range of high-quality stone veneer cladding panels. We are your online retailer partner, specialising in an extensive range of top-quality cladding panels. Our shop has a diverse selection of innovative cladding options to elevate your design projects. We have various styles and materials, ensuring that you find the perfect cladding solution for your unique vision.

Discover the Range of Wall Cladding Options by Sketch Australia

Rust Cladding


With these characteristics, they are perfect for an industrial aesthetic. It adds a timeless elegance to spaces with its aged appearance and natural appeal.

Concrete Cladding


It’s popular for contemporary architectural projects for its sleek look. This cladding choice ensures durability and resilience in diverse environments.

Slate Cladding


With earthy tones, it adds a classic touch to any space. Slate cladding characterises natural textures which makes it a versatile option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Marble Cladding


This is a favoured choice for projects with sophisticated vibes. This cladding boasts luxurious and classic elegance with timeless luxury.

Sandstone Cladding


It’s a versatile choice, suitable for traditional and contemporary designs. Sandstone cladding brings warmth and character to surroundings

Translucent Cladding


This is often used in architectural and decorative applications. It allows soft ambient light to filter through which transforms interiors into captivating spaces.

The Timeless Beauty: Benefits of Natural Stone for Wall Cladding

Stone veneer cladding is a powerful design tool that can dramatically enhance the atmosphere of indoor and outdoor spaces. This type of construction material adds texture and style to an otherwise black canvas. Whether it’s reviving a tired facade or creating a cosy interior, stone cladding panels enliven the place.



Interior stone wall cladding exudes timeless elegance and enhances the visual appeal of your space. Additionally, you can customise the ambience of your room with various stone types and colours.



The robust nature of exterior cladding stone can stand the test of time. It can resist daily wear and tear or harsh weather conditions, thereby enhancing a project’s longevity.



A wide array of natural stones is available for sale at our online shop. You can shop with our diverse design options, from marble’s luxurious veining to the rugged charm of slate.



Natural stone cladding is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. They can adapt seamlessly to various architectural styles, whether you are aiming for a minimalist or warehouse type of look.



Stone provides natural insulation that helps regulate indoor temperatures and improve energy efficiency. This reduces the need for excessive heating or cooling, leading to lower energy consumption and reduced utility costs.



Unlike some materials that demand regular cleaning and sealing, stone cladding often requires minimal upkeep. This characteristic ensures that cladding’s aesthetic appeal and functionality remain intact over the long term.

Wide Range of Large Format Tiles Available Online

The choice of tiles significantly influences interior design, defining the aesthetic and ambience. Large format tiles offer a spacious look and create a modern, sophisticated vibe. When it comes to large format tiles, our collection stands unparalleled. As a trusted local stone supplier in Devonport, we have thoughtfully curated our collection to transform your spaces into works of art. From bathroom claddings to large format tiles, you can find the ideal material that matches your unique design preferences. At Sketch Australia, we offer premium materials including slate, marble, sandstone, rust, concrete, and translucent stone tiles. Crafted to perfection, our products couple elegance with durability. Our extensive range caters to diverse tastes and preferences.

Our collection boasts a variety of designs, patterns, and colours, ensuring that there’s something for every style and vision. Whether you’re inclined towards large wall tiles for your bathroom or a large format tile shower, our selection covers all. These varieties of patterns and colours allow you to create a minimalist, contemporary, intricate, or traditional design according to your style. The sheer diversity in our online selection allows you to explore endless possibilities. What sets our large tiles apart is the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Our tiles aim to offer durability and sophistication, making them the ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Transform your space with our cladding solutions. Feel free to dive into our collection and discover the transformative power of big format tiles. You can explore the vast expanse of designs online and redefine your spaces today.

Elevate Interior and Exterior Design with Stone Cladding in Devonport

With a wide range of design styles and colour schemes, you can choose from classic to innovative design themes. The variety in colour schemes allows you to customise the design according to your preference and design aesthetics. You can use stone cladding in different projects:

  • Exterior Walls: Stone wall cladding is frequently used on the exterior of buildings to improve curb appeal and provide protection from the elements.
  • Interior Walls: They are also applied indoors (such as in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and fireplaces) to create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Landscape Features: It can be employed to enhance outdoor landscapes, such as garden walls, retaining walls, and pillars.
  • Commercial Spaces: They are commonly used in restaurants, hotels, and retail stores because of their durability in high-traffic areas.
  • Accent Walls: Stone cladding adds texture and visual interest to the room, which can become focal points in various spaces.

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They can last for several decades, but the specific duration may vary based on the material, climate, and care practices.

Stone cladding can be protected by sealing the surface to prevent water infiltration, staining, and to enhance its overall durability. Regular cleaning helps maintain its appearance. Additionally, avoiding harsh chemicals and abrasive materials during cleaning ensures longevity.

Yes, stone cladding can reduce heat as it acts as a natural insulator. It helps regulate indoor temperatures by providing thermal insulation. This feature not only enhances comfort but also contributes to energy efficiency as it minimises the need for excessive heating or cooling.

No, wet conditions can affect the adhesion of mortar and the overall quality of the installation.