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As a market leader in Super thin flexible stone veneers, Sketch Australia has established itself as a go-to source for architects, builders, and designers seeking premium innovative and premium building materials.

Where quality meets innovation in flexible stone veneer solutions.

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When doing any kind of renovation, whether it’s commercial or residential, trying to figure out what’s the best material to go over your wall or floor to add to the experience is always a challenging choice with a variety of options. In the past, the more traditional options such as using tiles, carpets & wallpapers were unchallenged. However, in the recent, there’s a number of alternatives to be used that can be installed over a wall or floor not only for…..

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Sketch Australia, the largest flexible stone veneers supplier in Sydney. We’re excited to share the success of another remarkable Home Show this 2023. This year’s event has once again brought people from all around to witness our dedication to providing premier stone veneers. Professionals and homeowners have gathered in one place to have a closer look at our incredible range of stone veneers.

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