Flexible Stone Veneer

Flexible Stone Veneer is used for Wall claddings interior & exteriors. It can also be used for flooring.

Interior Applications

Interior applications are usually on MDF, HDF, Plyboards or real solid wood. It can also be installed directly on concrete or Mortar wall.

Fibreglass backing

This can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications such as wall panelling, and cladding on the building’s vertical and horizontal surfaces not previously considered for stone due to weight and/or flaking issues. Fibre glass-backed veneers are suitable for the following applications as well – Doors & Cabinets, Furniture, Trim & Backsplashes, Marine & RV, Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Flooring.

Fabric backing

fabric-backed veneers are extra flexible and they can be used in places where extra flexibility is needed such as curved surfaces, phone and laptop back covers and, wooden surfaces.

Translucent backing

UV translucent backed veneers are used for internal illumination lighting in restaurants, Parks, Lamps & lampshades or backlight applications

Installation Guide

Technical Specifications

Sketch Natural flexible stones are light weight ultra-thin sheets with total thickness of 1 to 2 mm. It is used for both interior and exterior and especially where bending to a curved surface is required. These veneer slate sheets are remarkable for smooth finish and texture. Its non-slippery, stain removable and non-porous surface gives a glow and shiny finish. Veneer sheets are durable, wear proof, moisture, mould and heat resistant, requires very little maintenance. Stone veneer products are available in various designer patterns and ranges. Its smooth finishing offers a classically elegant feel to the applicable area. Based at Melbourne Australia.


Application Areas: 

  • Real-Stone-Veneer, each sheet Is Unique
  • Rough Split Surface
  • Quick and Easy Assembly
  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • Water Impermeable
  • Non-Porous
  • Strong Resistance to Staining
  • Heat Resistant
  • For Wall, Ceiling and Floor
  • Objects, Exhibitions and Shop Fitting
  • For Furniture Fronts and Doors
  • Car Interiors – Coach and Airplane
  • Variable Applications
  • General Technical Specifications
Front:  Real-Stone
Back (*):  Glass Fibre, Fabric in Polyester Resin Matrix
Temperature Limits:  -50 /+95 °C
Formaldehyde:  Stone-Veneer is formaldehyde-free
Thermal Expansion (90 °C):  0,5 – 0,8 mm/m ( ≈0,08 %)
Fire Behaviour:  Individual Assessment
Specific Technical Specifications


Thickness (mm) 1-2
Weight per square meter (Kg):  1-2
Water Absorption (%) ASTM C-121:  1,9 (Front Surface Only)
Average abrasion (mm) IS: 9162-1979:  0,9
Maximum Abrasion (mm) IS: 9162-1979:  1,0

Flexible Slate Stone Veneer can be bent or flexed to a radius of 360mm along the length. The width is not recommended for bending. Due to the nature of the different thicknesses of the individual items, the degree of radius varies per item. Fabric backing sheets are more suitable for such kinds of installations including edge bending operations in the woodworking industry.

Fire Rating